After a long time halt, I made another cinnamon mead again. It is pretty simple to make. At last time, I tried to make the Nord mead from The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook. But I have garbled cassia with cinnamon, so I made without it. However, it’s a determinative flavor. You can’t say it’s a Nord mead without cinnamon. So this time, I bought a pack of cinnamon powder to ensure the flavor.


  • Yeast: LALVIN ICV-D47
  • Honey: 1kg
  • Water: NongFu Spring nature water 5L
  • Spices: Cinnamon powder
  • Sanitizer: StarSan Sanitizer


  1. Sanitize the instruments, including airlock, containers, bucket, stopper.
  2. Remove 1.5kg water from the bucket for the room of fermentation and honey.
  3. Add 500g water into a small pot, boiling, add 50g cinnamon powder, keep boiling for 5 minutes. Then cool down a little while and add to the bucket.
  4. Add honey to the rest of the water. Shake well to make sure the honey and the water are well mixed.
  5. Measuring OG (But I forgot it).
  6. Add yeast. Dissolve 10g yeast with 30-50ml water in a sanitized cup. Dissolve the yeast at first is very important. When I skipped at first, the mixture didn’t start the fermentation after 24 hours. So I used another 10g yeast to ensure the success of the fermentation.
  7. Add the airlock to the bucket, and ferment the mixture for 14 days.


After around 14 days of fermentation, transfer the mixture to the sanitized glass bottle, store them in the fridge. And at the end of the fermentation, there were around 1/6 protein and cinnamon precipitation in the bucket. I chose not to add them to the bottles. Then store the bottles 2 weeks more to ensure stability.


I forgot to measure the OG before starting the fermentation, so I just estimate the alcohol with the FG and the standard OG of a mead. Maybe the ABV is around 10%-14%. And I’m pretty sure it’s stronger than before. The completed liquid smells rich in floral, honey, and cinnamon. It tastes a little intense and seldom sweet. And also a strong yeast flavor in the aftertaste. Absolutely it’s a mead.



I’ll try the 10L bucket next time. And put some Irish moss I bought last year to decrease the yeast precipitation in the liquid. Maybe some spicy flavor like ginger can also help to increase the taste.